Today’s inspiration is actually a collaboration between ourselves and a couple of our members in the Juno & Joy – The Collective. We’re creative people who like to get together to…well create(!) and when we saw the opportunity to make something magical happen last winter we packed up our cars and met in the garden of the beautiful The Poplars B&B nearby.

Everything used was from our own homes – such was the hurried nature of our decision to get together on this beautiful hazy day. So we decided that this shoot might be a way of showcasing how to forage for some of your wedding day style…something borrowed and all. This is as eco as it gets…hair stylist Claire’s wedding skirt, a 70’s gown (which I love!) from her dressing-up box and a fur coat loaned to us by a friend…the greenery was also found “on location” and our model is a pals niece who happened to have a day off collage! Off-the-cuff? Well yes. Boho? Oh for sure…this is as free-spirited as it gets my lovelies…perfect for alternative brides. Hope you enjoy.

autumnleaves2 autumnleaves3 autumnleaves1 autumnleaves4 autumnleaves5 autumnleaves6 autumnleaves7 autumnleaves8

This is two of about 7 different bridal styles we explored that day. I featured our simply styled engagement shoot a while back and have another two or three left to publish as Autumn approaches…

Hopefully this goes to show you needn’t be paint-by-numbers with your W-day style. Be true to your signature look. If day-to-day you’re uber relaxed then for the love of Juno and all the Goddesses above pur-lease don’t abandon it  – the more comfortable you are the more beauty will exude from every pore…And don’t go thinking we’re all about laid-back bridal either. Nah-uh…the house of glamour is worshipped here too and there’s plenty of high-octane inspiration up our sleeves also. Watch. This. Space.

Happy Monday all!

♥ Sarah

//Credits: Photographer: Pete Cox Photography & Film//Hair stylist: Creative Wedding Hair//Styling: Sarah Christopher, Juno & Joy//Make-up: Joanna Morris, Juno & Joy//Location: The Poplars B&B//Model: Victoria Horley


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