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Wedding Readings – Who’s Listening?


Hello lovelies,

Crikey it’s been a busy week and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and kind words – we couldn’t have asked for a better launch. All your emails, tweets and Facebook love means so very much xXx

Right, confession time: I love words. Big time. I love how they sound and the sensation of forming them in my mouth, but most of all I love how they provoke reactions – that simple words, pieced together have the capacity to provoke laughter and joy, to move me to tears, to keep the peace, to enrage and inspire and comfort…and how in the moments in between words, in the silence of the breath or hiatus that sits in between speaks volumes too. I have so many favourites I think I am some kind of word tart…”lose lipped” you might say…

So when it comes to weddings I am all over the readings. If there’s an order of service, casting my eye over the choices that have been made are probably my first port of call – for me they set a tone and give insight into the couple, their joint personality – for despite the fact the bride might favour erotic thrillers and the groom has a penchant for time travel, the words at their wedding are the once chosen in unison. Special words, given to special people to read.

I know not everyone may feel this way. Perhaps for some, readings are an afterthought…worse still chosen by someone else in haste in order to have “something”. If that’s the case I implore you to think differently. To take you time to choose carefully. Rediscover a childhood favourite, think of the best soliloquy you’ve heard in film…make up your own rules and pen your make-up song for someone to quote, just don’t pick anything for the sake of having something

…You own your wedding day – so fill up every single part of it with yourselves.

Um, this is actually a longer and more spirited introduction to our feature than first anticipated. I guess my confession should have read: Chatter box. Literary rambler.

Every-so-often we’ll be posting up excerpts from books, plays, films; poems and traditional readings; quotes, lyrics and sometimes general gobbled-goo in hope of inspiring your wedding day readings.

Here’s one from my own wedding. Chosen because I’ve read the book – maybe – eight times – first in school aged 16. Given it to countless people as gifts, performed it as a speech in an audition way back when and driven my husband mad by reciting it whenever he’s watched the film (I’ll only half watch the film as it bastardised the novel)…

Wedding reading #1. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin – Louis de Bernieres.

captain corelli reading

♥ Sarah. Word.

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