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The Flower Alphabet – B Is For Bluebell


Regarded by many as the UK’s “favourite flower” it’s hard to compete with this dainty bloom in the style stakes. Effortlessly pretty the humble bluebell is found in woodland areas and (thankfully) protected, so can’t be picked.  And the United Kingdom’s bluebell woods are in bloom, well imminently actually! A blanket of blue-hued beauties are about to sweep the country, typically starting first in the south and spreading further up the British Isles as spring progresses. Abundant throughout April and May, here’s some bluebell inspiration…

bluebells flower alphabet

Since researching this I’ve discovered through my wonderful florist friends that the bluebells most widely used in wedding work within the UK are either bulbs that have been grown in wooded areas and left to naturalise or the Spanish variety. So if you do plan on incorporating them within your wedding flowers, worth having this conversation with your florist first.

Photographer Katie Spicer, who’s work is featured above actually had her engagement shoot in a bluebell wood…so she was able to incorporate this great British bloom into her wedding after all…now that’s an inspired idea!

♥ Sarah

Thanks to Laura Hingston Flowers, Chloe from Bare Blooms, Katie Spicer Photography and Sam from Violets & Velvet for their input, help and advice.

Feature images, Jackie Parker Floral Art//Credits: via Dicoure//Katie Spicer Photography//Bare Blooms, Steve Hale Photography//Sabine Darrall//Georgianna Lane //Chloe, Bare Blooms


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