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Green Is Good….For Style & Purse Strings

green is good

Apologies for our absence over the past few days. What I thought might be a swift virus that caught me on Thurs transformed into flu…I was wiped. More frustratingly my little support network of contributors had sent me so many inspiring posts to schedule for you but it would have been a disservice to them if I’d edited their wonderful work half-heartedly, so today’s the day!

Welcoming back our wonderful Collective member Sarah Loughrey-Jennings from Hiding In The City Flowers who’s indulging us with some flower trend chat. From Sarah:

I wanted to call this post ‘Jungle is Massive’ but thought that I couldn’t name everything I write after an anthem from my teenage years. So I haven’t, but I have got the reference in nonetheless.

There is a green revolution creeping its way into all my Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards where foliage displays seem to have a greater striking appeal. There are two key looks happening at the moment;

green is good 2
1) The first is a continuation of the ‘into the countryside’ trend with a cottage garden feel. This is a good option for a budget watching bride, as this really should bring the direct costs down for your florist if you decide to not couple it with flowers, so should be reflected in your quote.
The key here is to ask your florist to use:
– lots of different types of foliage
– with different textures
keep it loose
intertwine leaves so you get the ‘rambling over the garden wall’ feel.

green is good 3

2) The second is a more tropical, botanical look. This can be styled to be clean and contemporary or have a vintage twist depending on the vases used. Clean white pots gathered together for the former, old medicine bottles for the latter. Both are indicative of what is happening in fashion at the moment and is popping up everywhere from wallpapers to lampshades (see House of Hackney here) and is even more striking when you don’t try and force the traditional tropical flowers into it. STEP AWAY FROM THE 1980’s Birds of Paradise for your big day and just think pots of differing types of plants at differing heights clustered together to get the look. Hiding in the City Flowers pulled some images below for inspiration focussing in on vases to help you define you look. Have fun going green!

//Credits: That Flower Shop via Knot & Pop//Amy Arrington via Southern Weddings//Stone Fox Bride //Jeff Loves Jessica via The Wedding Chicks//Angela Shae via Style Me Pretty


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