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Matte Nails : Obsessed

matte nails

OK I know they were a huge trend last A/W but as one who prefers to steer clear of what’s en vogue, opting instead to invest in fashions and style that’s sure to endure, I’m going to put my neck out there and say matte nails are here to stay – and what’s more – they’re much more chic than a gloss finish! For the fashion loving bride who wants to keep her feet firmly in camp style than team princess bride; this is the inspiration for you…

matte nails 1 matte nails 2 matte nails 3 matte nails 4 matte nails 5

OPI, Topshop and Zoya are just some of the high street brands who’ve created gorgeous matte nail polish shades, with the latter offering a matte top coat polish too. Or if you’d prefer to DIY it, here’s a great tutorial.

It’s the neutral shades that make my heart-a-flutter most of all (steer clear of black – looks like chalk paint and white…well didn’t we all Tippex our nails in Maths class!?) – so distinctly bridal yet with edge but for an evening celebration or wedding in the heart of winter I do believe a deep red or purple hued matte nail colour would look incredible!

Sarah x

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