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I am such a wimp. I’ve been saying since my 30th, that’s nearly two years (ahem, this week!) that I’m going to get a tattoo. Ever since my son’s birth and my dear old Dad fell ill I’ve wanted to ink up. It must be the Maori in me. A desire to have a permanent part of my life story forever marked on my body…

But I keep putting it off. Partly because I’m not great with needles, but mainly because I just can’t commit to a design or colour (my friend has a white tattoo and it’s crazy pretty – but am I too pale?) I change my mind constantly and the little online scrapbook I’ve pinned is forever growing with ideas for the delicate statement I’d like to make. SO. When I spotted Flash Tattoos on Instagram my new style crush was born. Designed with jewellery in mind they are semi-permanent statements of metallic charm. Emulating necklaces, bangles and rings as well as patterns and popular tattoo design details they scream “wedding story” to me!

flash tats child of wild flash tats goldfish kiss

For the bride who may want to make a statement on their wedding day or hen do…or even on their honeymoon, I think Flash Tats are definitely the way to go if you’ve a flighty temperament like me and are likely to change your mind! And with the trend for laid back, bohemian style celebrations and festival inspired weddings growing I’m sure there’s plenty of you out there who’ll find them appealing too.

flashtat sheebani

Oh and although these gorgeous style statements aren’t being sold in the UK at present (not that I could find) they do ship internationally, which is great news.

I’m certainly going to have a play with some of their designs on my own fair skin before fully committing to my first tattoo! How about you?

PS today marks the start of a new feature “Friday I’m Coveting” – I’ve had a few emails of late from Brides asking me to share any wonder products I may have discovered as in industry insider – and as I’m finding new and wonderful individuals and companies all the time I thought a regular platform for shouting about them on the blog might work well.


♥ Sarah

All images via Flash Tattoos.


  1. ohhh like you… I am a tattoo virgin haha! I would love one but 1.I am petrified of needles 2. I don’t like pain 3. I change my mind like the wind!!!

    I have seen these popping up everywhere. have you seen Tattly? They do some super pretty transfers!!

    • Author
      Sarah August 8, 2014 Reply

      Oh my goodness Cathryn – thanks for sharing! What a cool company

      Haha! 3 very good reasons to stick to pretty transfers! xx

  2. Flash Tattoos August 11, 2014 Reply

    Thanks for sharing the Flash love…shine on! xoxo

    • Author
      Sarah August 12, 2014 Reply

      My pleasure – I’m quite the super-fan! Awesome concept and crazy pretty too x

  3. Alexandria Hall September 4, 2014 Reply

    Firstly, I LOVE this blog, it’s so beautiful and I love how cool the stuff is you post, secondly, I think your my new hero for finding these tattoes!!! I’m also desperate to get a tattoo but I’m forever inspired and changing my styles and interests so I know I will probably grow out of whatever I actually do get inked… (Unless I figure out a more sentimental design or something very unique, which is probably unheard of now).

    So thanks for sharing these, I have already purchased some and excited for them to arrive in the post 🙂

    A million hugs,

    Alexandria x

    • Author
      Sarah September 5, 2014 Reply

      Oh you’re welcome Alex…I’m the same! Would love to know if they do it for you…

      And thank you so much for your kind words about the blog…that means a lot coming from you – you’re work is insanely beautiful!

      Keep in touch, Sarah xXx

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