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Where To Find Your Wedding Inspiration


We’re often asked by brides if there’s any advice we can give in regards to “where to start” in the search for wedding inspiration. Some couples have a clear vision for their day even before they’ve booked the venue, whilst others feel they’re walking into a creative minefield..and it’s no wonder! Inspiration is everywhere and with the rise in the popularity of highly visual sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr many engaged couples feel overwhelmed before they’ve even begun to make wedding plans…

The team here at J&J are all visual addicts and we adore having such creative stimulation at our fingertips daily but the advice we tend to offer those asking, is steer clear until you’ve settled on a definitive style – then image hoard accordingly. Here our our top tips on where to find your wedding inspiration:

It’s all about you…

When it comes to a starting point for your wedding style – your first port of call should be yourselves. What makes you tick? Are you a overly informal couple who feels flustered at the thought of any pomp and ceremony? Well then a formal celebration perhaps isn’t for you – and there is your catalyst to create something relaxed and out-of-the-box. For those who enjoy putting on their glad rags and adhering to traditions then you’re certainly not looking to channel “festival style” – embrace your identity as a couple and turn you back on trends, opting instead to create a day that’s classically you.


The perfect pitch

We’re not taking music here but the exciting search for your ideal venue – one that will fit harmoniously with the kind of celebration you’re looking to create. From stately homes to empty stables our Great British shores now offer an incredible and eclectic mix of properties from which to host your wedding day; many of them are also licensed for civil ceremonies too. Once you’ve found your wedding venue you’re well on your way to planning the day of your dreams for it will most likely be the biggest investment you make towards the day itself and will therefore leave you with the budget you’ve got left to play with…And let’s not forget, if you’ve listened to our advice above and chosen a venue based on “what’s you” – then this should be the foundation for the rest of your wedding style.

BenSelwayFeat 1


Compliment & create…don’t imitate

Admittedly I personally can be a little snooty about the term “theme” in regards to wedding pretty. In fact I’d go as far to say it hurts my heart a little. A wedding theme tends to be trend led – and trends date easily and swiftly which means twenty-five years down the line you might look back at the images of your bridesmaids dressed as wizards and have a “what was I thinking” moment. Instead of “theme” think “scheme” – don’t imitate anything; no paint-by-numbers please – pay “homage” to your favourite book or film or era by being loosely inspired by it rather than paying tribute to it. This will ensure elegance.


Night and day

The later in the day you schedule your wedding the more it lends itself to a formal celebration – a ceremony at twilight with a black tie reception? Oh how chic! And let’s not forget how many pennies you’d be saving for your formal “do” by not needing to provide hours of afternoon entertainment and nibbles! Yet if you’re looking to create something altogether more relaxed, then stretching out your wedding day – extending it to a weekend even – can really offer laid-back appeal…have your guests over the night before for tapas, provide lawn games and a picnic post ceremony and get your musical friends playing an open mic set as night falls…it’s the perfect approach for the couple who adore informality.


Stuck on a colour palette, floral scheme or menu ideas? Let the season dictate your plans! There’s nothing better or more beautiful than being able to put a wedding celebration into context by simply glancing at the gorgeous images and being able to see precisely what time of year it took place. Peonies in spring, strawberries and cream for a summer soiree, jewel tones at your autumn event and heart-warming “Christmas in a glass” mulled wine for a winter wedding…simple statements that will add character and atmosphere…they’re cost effective too.

Once you have all these plans, ideas and schemes in place you’ll have pretty much got your wedding planning nailed and therefore have our wholehearted approval to start making those pin boards!

Sarah x

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