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A Sophisticated & Luxe Bridal Boudoir Shoot


It’s been well documented on here that I’m quite the fan of “Bridal Boudoir” and boudoir shoots in general. Executed well (tastefully) they are not only a beautiful way to explore your own body at an exciting turning point in your life – but should also serve as a confidence building and empowering experience. Well today I have just the example of boudoir done good. Perfectly actually – thanks to an awesome collaboration between Team Glam & Stormy Sloane’s Rebel & Romance Boudoir Photography
Rebel_Romance_TeamGlam-12 Rebel_Romance_TeamGlam-13 Rebel_Romance_TeamGlam-17 Rebel_Romance_TeamGlam-22 Rebel_Romance_TeamGlam-23 Rebel_Romance_TeamGlam-1 Rebel_Romance_TeamGlam-2 Rebel_Romance_TeamGlam-4 Rebel_Romance_TeamGlam-8 Rebel_Romance_TeamGlam-9

From Team Glam: We love to meet up and get ideas’ flowing around the room for inspirational shoots for our real brides…A few months back we touched on doing a bridal boudoir shoot as this seemed to be becoming more and more popular for brides to give their ‘husbands to be’ as the perfect ‘groom gift’.

Team Glam’s aim as always, is to be able to produce very editorial images to show our clients the level of perfection that is achievable and affordable to them. As ‘Boudoir’ doesn’t hold a great reputation in the UK we wanted to find a photographer that specialized in this area and made women feel amazing and sexy. We wanted to produce something that was very classic and beautiful, but most importantly empowering for the Woman being photographed. So after following the work of Stormy Sloane from Rebel and Romance for the last couple of years we got in touch and the shoot was booked! It’s amazing the level of confidence great hair and makeup can give a woman.

Rebel_Romance_TeamGlam-26 Rebel_Romance_TeamGlam-29 Rebel_Romance_TeamGlam-31 Rebel_Romance_TeamGlam-33 Rebel_Romance_TeamGlam-40 Rebel_Romance_TeamGlam-44 Rebel_Romance_TeamGlam-47

The short film captured by BlackFrog London is a wonderful showcase of not only what happen behind-the-scenes of a styled photo shoot but offers some idea of what you could come to expect of your own boudoir shoot…minus the enormous team of people!

Are you planning a bridal boudoir shoot? I hope so.

♥ Sarah

//Credits: Photography: Stormy Sloane Rebel & Romance//Film: BlackFrog London //Stylist: Nicola Adams of Tallulah Lingerie //Hair by Team Glam consisting of  Tina Crossley  //Michelle Walker //Lynnette Chasmer //Tara Cox  //Make-up – Team Glam consisting of Emma Brooks //Debbie Lloyd // Francine Spurr // Carla Brooks //Location: Eaton House


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