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Coveting Tattooed Brides

tattoed bride feather and stone

I’ve become a little hooked on the channel 4 programme Tattoo Fixers. As someone whose always toyed with the idea of getting a tattoo but never having been brave enough it’s pure indulgence TV. I simply adore the story behind most peoples inks – the one’s who’ve overcome something and have a piece of art to signify it, or are remembering a loved one (my main motivation)…even the daft drunken tattoos tinged with a little regret have their place…each tells a story…

Which is why I’m so heartened to see a bride embrace her body art and incorporate them into her wedding day style instead of feeling the need to cover up. So for all you tattooed brides – or those on the cusp of being one…Perhaps your even thinking of having one of wedding day significance? I salute you and would like to pay homage to your fierce personal style by showcasing some tattooed brides inspiration:

mon plus beau jour erin jean photography phil chester teneil kable juno photo

Sarah x

//Credits: Featured image: Feather & Stone//1. Mon Plus Beau Jour//2. Erin Jean Photography//3. Phil Chester//4. Teneil Kable//5. Juno Photo


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