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A Relaxed & Beautiful Garden Wedding


My job is made so easy by the array of incredible weddings I’m sent to feature and today’s is a perfect example. Relaxed and effortlessly stylish it makes all the right statements…Milo and Alice brought forward their wedding to regain control of their shared vision, which in short was simply to have a celebration befitting of themselves and their relationship inspired by their new home…and all the pretty design elements and delicious details, well they simply fell into place as a result. This is precisely how it should be done. Hat’s off to a wonderful couple – and the same sentiments are extended to photographer Boy Called Ben for his remarkable story-telling…

From Alice & Milo: Our wedding was at the end of September. We had booked our wedding for November in London, but it had got a bit stressful and was moving away from what we had wanted in the first place so we decided to scrap our plans and start again. We had it at home and we organised it in 6 weeks. The end of September provides an exciting gamble between Indian Summer and horrendous weather. Luckily, we had warm weather and no rain.

Although we didn’t have long to plan, everything worked out the way we would have wanted it. We knew we wanted to walk down from the church through the village with our friends and family as a big mob back to our house, to have the party. At the centre of it, we knew we wanted it to reflect us as a couple and be things we enjoy doing. We searched around and managed to find everything we wanted.

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We had our wedding party in our garden in Limpley Stoke, a small village between Bath and Bradford upon Avon. We’d just moved to the area after finishing medical school in London. We’d had to move around a lot over the six years and we were so happy to be settled somewhere. We got married at our local church, St Mary the Virgin. It is a beautiful building, full of history and character. Our vicar was great. Neither of us are religious but he was a wonderful, welcoming man. We had moved our wedding date and our vicar was really important in helping us see we’d made the right decision. Whereas in London, we had planned to get be married by a registrar who you do not meet till the day which was somewhat impersonal, out vicar came to our house for a drink and a chat and got to know us. Importantly for us, he said he didn’t care if we were Christian, Muslim or Buddhist, he was happy to have us in the Church.

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The Church is beautifully small and sits on top of a hill looking over the Avon valley. It was intimate and perfect. We visited the church to hear our banns being read a few weeksbefore the wedding and it was a great way to meet the local community. We were made to feel comfortable. It was a really enjoyable experience that we both benefited from and it would make me happy to go back.

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We had a stretch marquee set up on one of the lawns from Intent Productions that fit out awkward garden perfectly (our original marquee company had pulled out 10 days before the wedding due to the limited space!). We had a make shift bar from a vintage marquee company.
And we had an old canvas bell tent set up on the slope behind our house for our wedding night. We got our flowers from Young Blooms, a florist working out of Hartley Farm near Bradford upon Avon. They were really helpful. Milo had to go at the start, and they got the ball rolling even though Milo didn’t know what type, colour or how many flowers we wanted or needed. They delivered beautiful flowers on the day that had a relaxed feel that was perfect for where we were. The food was almost the most important to us as we had both worked in restaurants during university. Indeed we have spent some of out happiest times together tucking into delicious food. We wanted the food to be no fuss, something that everyone would enjoy and bring people to together. Instead of canapés we put on a big picnic. We used Hartley Farm who made delicious quiches, salads and local cheeses. Milo’s dad brought down trays and trays of pork pies from where Milo grew up on Derbyshire. Our bread was from the Bertinet bakery, which we order from our local shop. The guests helped themselves. For dinner we had 80 friends and family sitting down under the stretch marquee. Will from Green Farm in Wiltshire did the food. He was enormously helpful and friendly and did a great job. We had always planned to have whole rotisserie chickens served to the tables and have our friends tear into them. Will and his team used our conservatory to load up the chickens on two rotisseries. Before dinner you could smell the roasting chickens in the garden and when they served it up we had it with some of our bread, cold salads, and for those who wanted more meat, Will made us slow cooked pulled pork shoulder. We didn’t have a proper cake – it was too much fuss. Drinks were also a crucial part of the days.For beer we got two bright casks from Box Steam brewery in Holt, Wiltshire. They gave us two taps and we hammered them in a few hours before the guests arrived and the beer saw us through. We also picked up a couple of casks of Honey & Daughter’s Midford Cider from up the road, which went down really well. The rest of the booze came from our local wine shop, Ruby Wines, in Bradford-on-Avon, who supplied the glasses too.

Our photographer was Ben. We didn’t know what photos we wanted, nor did we have much of an idea of how the day would pan out until the last minute. Ben came over to our house before the wedding to get to know us and immediately understood the set up. He worked really hard all day and managed to get the best photos of all the important moments even though we were too busy to realise they were happening. He was also a joy to have around, a real addition to the day. He even attracted comments from our guests about how lovely he was and how hard working he was.

In the daytime, we set up boules and croquet and a table tennis table. In the evening after dinner, a friend set up his decks and we all had a good old dance.

It was a great day that we look back on with pride. We were surrounded by our loved ones and had exactly the sort of day we had wanted in the first place – very relaxed, lots of friends and plenty of food and drink throughout the day.

Such a descriptive summary of a highly personal celebration…there’s little more I can add. Soak it up brides and grooms – this is what it’s all about. Simple love.

…And the cute bicycle details!

♥ Sarah

//Credits: Photographer: Boy Called Ben//Location: St Mary the Virgin, Limpley Stoke//Reception: At home//Dress: Carina B Couture//Hair: Melanie Giles//Make-up: Eve’s Make-up//Afternoon picnic: Hartley Farm & Bertinet Bakery//Evening meal: Green Farm Ltd//Drinks: Box Steam Brewery & Honey & Daughter

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