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A Contemporary & Relaxed Pool Club Wedding


“The day was made ours by reflecting what we love” Erin. Today’s bride. No better way to kick off this LA wedding feature than with the quote that explains everything we try to champion on here about making your wedding personal and therefore uniquely stylish. Erin & Dan’s day was stylish to the max! With highly personal touches thanks to architect Dan’s design skills – he created all the stationery, badges, graphics you’re a bout to see – and vet Erin’s love of animals and sense of fun – their dog played a pivotal role – is apparent throughout.

From Aubrey of Yes Dear Studio: Between the incredible couple, awesome guests, stylish venue, and beautiful details, not only did we feel so lucky to get to capture this day but we had the time of our lives. Erin and Dan somehow planned a perfectly iconic and detailed wedding but then allowed the day to flow in a way we did not know was possible. Without expectations they were able to have the time of their lives and we documented that in a photo-journalistic way so that even the guests who were unable to attend could feel like they were a part of it…

McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding7_low McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding47_low McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding91_low McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding547_low McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding98_low McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding112_low McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding148_low McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding153_low McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding299_low McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding223_low McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding232_low

From bride Erin: We quickly realized the day of the wedding that it was more important to let the small things go and enjoy the day as we were surrounded by friends and family that flew out from around the country.
Our Advice? Choose vendors that not only are great at what they do but that are people you would love to spend the day with. At the end of the night we jumped in the pool with our photographers, dj and hairdresser!
In deciding the theme for the wedding day we just looked around our apartment! We live in a loft with industrial shelving, vintage suitcases for storage and Edison bulbs. We took those ideas and used some of those items the day of the wedding. It was a great way to really make the day “ours” while saving money at the same time.

McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding549_low McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding171_low McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding250_low McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding243_low McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding316_low McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding380_low McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding358_low McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding360_low McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding388_low McNeill_Robinson_Yes_Dear_Studio_Erin_Dan_Wedding889_low
…The first look was the most memorable moment that will never be forgotten. Dan did NOT want to do this at all! I wanted to do this to be able to spend more time with family and friends that had flown in from across the country across the ceremony. It turned out that it was the most overwhelming, romantic moment either one of us ever experienced.

Laid back wedding style at it’s very best…it oozes style, personality and charm. And I love what Erin wrote about their “first look” – something to start doing over here in the UK perhaps?

Sarah x

Credits: Photographer:  Yes, Dear. Studio//Event Venue:Ace Hotel & Swim Club//Makeup Artist: Chelsea Nicole Makeup & Hair//Photo Booth Equipment:Genuine Photo Booths//DJ:Ian Mckesson//Hair Stylist: MaryJane Salon//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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