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This Boho Bride – 3 Year’s A Wife


Morning all! We’ll today marks three years since my hubby and I tied-the-knot and although at risk of being the bride who never “let go” I thought I’d share a few thoughts on our day as it’s not documented on here…especially as Juno & Joy is such a different journey from my planning bride persona Boho Bride.

Back then I was all about the chaos, Adam to…laid back to the extreme and with little discipline in any aspect of our lives (we both worked freelance and crazy odd hours then) our wedding was very reflective of that. Very DIY, it was an eclectic mash-up of everything we loved, colourful, relaxed and a bit hap-hazard in parts – thank God for Kate Fletcher (now of Vintage Style Hire) our “On The Day” co-ordinator…we’d have never pulled the day off otherwise!

Fast-forward three years and this mama of one is schedule crazy…we have a calender, chalk board and online reminders to kick us up the butt on things and I’m still missing the odd appointment and forgetting to buy loo roll. Having a child has changed our lives immeasurably – however much I tried to fight it initially, our little fellow thrives within a certain degree of routine and with us both working within companies now too, it’s forced a level of organisation previously alien to us both! My hubby commented only last night on how much my personal style and our home has “grown-up” and yes, tastes have changed and so have we – evolving as a family every day…so when I look back now at our wedding, the style and all we created being so reflective of our personalities then – would I change a thing?


Much like the seasonality of our wedding, I can glance at a photo and remember exactly how I felt, not just on the day itself but at that time in our lives. I remember the carefree days of bunking off work an hour early to head to the beach, having a disposable income and using it to travel, eat out far too much an buy indulgences such as a pair of wedding shoes that would pay a months rent now. And the anticipation of married life and parenthood…a riot of colour reflective of our utter joy of all that was to come…


Typically we didn’t have a plan B for an outdoor UK wedding and yes everyone got soaked and cold and my shoes got ruined – so what? OK I forgot the confetti, the cheesecakes were left in the venues fridges uneaten, I barely squeezed my pregnant belly into my gown…the rain dampened the fire pit and no-one danced around it (like the beautiful bohemian vision I’d created in my head)…the hay bales stank and our courtyard bar plans had to be shelved – but all this added to the charm!

Our lives are slightly more sedate now…and tastes a little more refined…but then they have to be because we need to be. Our home is reflective of a new stage of our lives – one where I need a well stocked larder and a drawer full of Tupperware. I wear more tailored clothes to flatter my curvier figure and darker shades to avoid the inevitable chocolate hand smears that look like poop. And whilst I wouldn’t change our present for the world – I would absolutely not change the past either.

What I’m trying to say is embrace your plans in the here and now – the good, the not so organised and the downright naive. Enjoy every second of the day – even parts that don’t go to plan, because however organised some just won’t.  Keep a sense of perspective for your wedding…it won’t all run smoothly but if you retain a sense of humour too – then it really won’t matter. Don’t fret. You’ll have plenty of occasions for fretting throughout your lives – your wedding day shouldn’t be one of them. Smile. The best photo’s are those where joy exudes from every pore. And whilst we’re talking of photos – hire a professional photographer! Accept & employ help. Our best decision was having professional planner help on the day – it ensured all our loved ones could relax and enjoy and we didn’t have to think over anything – we just embraced our emotions.

♥ Sarah

PS to my darling husband Adam – thanks for 10 years of chaos and for 3 years of the best family life a girl could hope for…13 years a charm! Loving the journey X

Images by Lucy Shergold Photography.

PPS If you think the weather at our wedding was bad – tune in tomorrow – the brides had gale force winds and power cuts to contend with!


  1. Awwww Happy Anniversary!! My 3rd anniversary is only a couple of weeks away! Hindisght is a wonderful thing but I wouldn’t change my wedding day for the world. Because when I look back all I can remember is the joy, the happiness, the people we love, that feeling in my stomach – and as cheesy as it sounds that really is all that matters!

    • Author
      Sarah September 17, 2014 Reply

      I’m 100% with you on that Cecilia – thank you xx And happy 3rd Anniversary to you too lovely xx

  2. Rachel March 23, 2015 Reply

    LOVE this!!!! Xxx

    • Author
      Sarah March 24, 2015 Reply

      Oh thanks Rachel…just relax and enjoy the wedding journey! 🙂 Xx

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