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An Intimate & Romantic Candlelight Wedding


Today we’re paying a visit to Tennessee to the small and intimate candlelight wedding to Erika and Travis who planned their day around enjoying a heartfelt celebration with a select few family and friends who’d always been their to support them. It’s pretty, it’s personal and it’s a wonderful representation of signature wedding style – with their greatest loves at the heart of it all…

From photographer Beth of Runawayalice: “Everything just kinda fell into place,” says Erika when recalling the time she first met Travis. A statement which has applied to everything from that first meeting to the hustle and bustle of their wedding day.Anyone doing a lot of DIY on their wedding day knows that its hectic. However, with the help of family and friends, the day was laid back and fun. The couple chose the historic Candoro Marble Building as her venue which gave the whole affair a European feel. Erika really wanted her flowers to stand out so she chose ivory and gold as her colours with bright red, pink, and purple flowers – the contrast was stunning! With such a classic venue as a backdrop, Erika kept the decorations simple with candles, flowers, twinkle lights and stars. 

Clark_Oelrich_Runawayalice_Photography_MG4242_low Clark_Oelrich_Runawayalice_Photography_MG4357_low Clark_Oelrich_Runawayalice_Photography_MG4264_low Clark_Oelrich_Runawayalice_Photography_MG4210_low Clark_Oelrich_Runawayalice_Photography_MG4220_low Clark_Oelrich_Runawayalice_Photography_IMG5786_low Clark_Oelrich_Runawayalice_Photography_IMG5828_low Clark_Oelrich_Runawayalice_Photography_MG4681_low Clark_Oelrich_Runawayalice_Photography_MG4584_low Clark_Oelrich_Runawayalice_Photography_MG4825_low Clark_Oelrich_Runawayalice_Photography_MG4196_low Clark_Oelrich_Runawayalice_Photography_MG4820_low Clark_Oelrich_Runawayalice_Photography_IMG6020_low Clark_Oelrich_Runawayalice_Photography_MG4843_low Clark_Oelrich_Runawayalice_Photography_MG4909_low

Love the gorgeous contrasts between the mixed metals, reds and pinks – such a sophisticated scheme!

Sarah x

Photographer:  Runawayalice Photography//Location: Candoro Marble Building//Event Venue: Candoro Arts & Heritage Center//Floral Designer: The Flower Pot//Brides veil: Orchard designs//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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  1. Griffin Parker September 29, 2015 Reply

    Those flowers are a wonderfully vibrant colour – they really stand out and catch the eye. The image of the couple in front of the derelect building was very powerful. What an intriguing idea.

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