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A Sweet & Intimate Wedding In New Mexico

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Today we’re showcasing a beautiful same sex wedding. Matt and Robert’s simple New Mexico celebration is intimate and honest with their own story, their family and their friends at the very heart of the day. I was really moved looking at this collection of images by Blue Rose Studios…and I bet you’ll be too.

From photographer Courtney: Matt and Robert were just the sweetest couple and truly wanted to share their day with the most intimate of relations they had. Inviting only close friends and family to their destination wedding in New Mexico, they created the perfect relaxed feeling for their wedding. As they glowed with love for each other, their families truly glowed with love for them.

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Modern, romantic…lovely.

Sarah x

//Credits: Photographer:  Blue Rose Studio//Event Venue: Hyatt Tamaya, New Mexico//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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