Advent of Flowers - Part 2 - Juno and Joy

Advent of Flowers – Part 2

advent of flowers 2

With Christmas festivities just around the corner we’ve another instalment of the Advent of Flowers from Blue Sky Flowers – six more varieties of seasonal blooms to inspire your winter wedding scheme:

Blueskyflowers 7

7 Ferns (Asplenium / Polystichum)
There are many different types of ferns, many of which are evergreen and thus available all year round. From shiny straight leaves to frilly, frondy leaves – they represent a lovely change from normal foliage

Blueskyflowers 8

8 Paperwhite (Narcissi)
These are basically white, highly scented Daffs! Much smaller than their more widely used yellow sisters, they are best used in moderation … but best used

Blueskyflowers 9

9 Hyacinth
From November through to April, the heady scent of the humble Hyacinth, whether cut or on the bulb, can fill a room. Most commonly in pure white, palest pink, cerise, baby blue and purple it is also available in yellow, red and orange!!

Blueskyflowers 10

10 Fir Cones
This cone is basically a pine tree’s flower, most commonly used at Christmas time to decoration wreaths and garlands, fill bowls with a festive pot pourri or hang as natural baubles

Blueskyflowers 11

11 Succulents (Sempervivum / Echevaria)
These little lovelies have become incredible popular recently and are fabulous as potted plants, wedding buttonholes, within flower displays, made into wreaths … I could go on!

Blueskyflowers 12

12 Eucalyptus
A particularly fragrant silver-grey foliage that is a wonderful base for many flower displays. Gunnii, Cinerea, Parvula and Glaucescens are the most popular varieties used by florists.

Oh those paperwhite’s! Such beautiful blooms for your Christmas table too!

With thanks to Liz Inigo Jones for her floral expertise.

♥ Sarah

//Credits: Concept & styling by Blue Sky Flowers//Images by Leanne Dixon Photography



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