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An Engagement Shoot That’s Meant To Bee!

Steph and Oliver_enagement_Freckle_Photography-013

I know I harp on about it an awful lot but today’s bee-utiful feature is another perfect example of how as a couple, if you take inspiration from yourselves, you identity as a pair, shared loves and hobbies, you can create an engagement shoot theme and wedding day scheme that’s original, stylish and oh-so-you!

Steph and Oliver are passionate beekeepers – it’s a love they share aside from their love of each other, so when coming up with engagement shoot ideas with Emma from Freckle Photography, this seemed like a natural and original direction to take and an opportunity for Emma to capture them in an environment where they feel comfortable and happy…

Steph and Oliver_enagement_Freckle_Photography-001 Steph and Oliver_enagement_Freckle_Photography-002 Steph and Oliver_enagement_Freckle_Photography-011 Steph and Oliver_enagement_Freckle_Photography-014 Steph and Oliver_enagement_Freckle_Photography-015 Steph and Oliver_enagement_Freckle_Photography-029 Steph and Oliver_enagement_Freckle_Photography-030 Steph and Oliver_enagement_Freckle_Photography-031 Steph and Oliver_enagement_Freckle_Photography-037 Steph and Oliver_enagement_Freckle_Photography-027

So pretty – all that cheery yellow! And apparently their honey tastes pretty darn good too!

♥ Sarah

//Image credits: Freckle Photography


  1. Emma Lou May 28, 2014 Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing! xx

    • Author
      Sarah May 28, 2014 Reply

      Our pleasure Emma – it’s a really inspiring set of images and such a great colour palette too. Thank you! X

  2. Olivia Fischer June 2, 2014 Reply

    Glorious engagement shoot !!

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