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5 Posing Perfection Tips – How To Pose For Your Wedding Photos

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Today we’re welcoming Juno & Joy sponsor and friend Frances Carlisle to take over and share with you some helpful hints when posing for your wedding photos. More often than not couples make a point of sharing with their photographer that they feel uncomfortable in front of the lens – and why wouldn’t you? Your wedding day is an intimate and emotional time, perhaps made stranger by the fact it’s all being captured on camera – but by choosing a photographer you feel relaxed with and by applying Frances’s useful tips below any anxieties will soon be forgotten…

From Frances: As a wedding photographer and a woman who knows what it feels like to stand uncomfortably in front of a camera, I work with my clients so you know how to pose comfortably and confidently for your wedding photos.  I’ll direct wedded couples as to how to stand, what to do with your hands, where to put your feet – so that you feel more assured in knowing what makes for a flattering, natural looking pose.

Knowing just a few basic pointers can work wonders with helping you feel more confident in front of the camera, so here’s five tips to help you look and feel gorgeous on your wedding day:


1. Avoiding bingo wings: Flabby arms, fleshy shoulders – arms pressed against your body will always look bigger than they actually are. To avoid looking like you’ve developed bingo wings over-night, hold your arms slightly away from your body. You might want to put hands in pockets, or rest them on something, or hold your flowers – this gives you something to do with your hands too but the key here is creating an ever-so-slight gap between your upper body and your upper arm.

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2. If it bends, bend it: That’s the golden rule to avoid looking like an awkwardly carved stone statue. Your limbs bend – you don’t naturally stand with your arms hanging lank by your side. So find a way of naturally bending your elbows, wrists, fingers to avoid holding yourself rigidly. Holding hands, arms draped over each other, leaning against a fence or holding your flowers – you get the idea (and your photographer will too). For knees and standing…onto point 3 – how to stand!

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3. How to stand: Guys – try standing feet apart (rather than bending your knees if you’re standing straight).Girls: Stand with one leg slightly in front of the other, and put all your weight on your back leg. Now you know why celebs always adopt that pose on the red carpet. You don’t have to go all Victoria Beckham every single time!, but just a slight adjustment to how you’re standing will help accentuate your figure.

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4. Chins – we all hate double chins! Move your chin slightly forward, (might want to practice this one in the mirror!) away from your neck. Don’t be tempted to move your whole head forward and strut like a turkey, just push your chin forward slightly and angle it down a little.

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5. Don’t slouch! Posture, posture, posture. There’s nothing worse than seeing yourself slouch – straighten your back and gently lift and move your shoulders back. Again, gentle movements – avoid pushing them way back and looking like you’re about to attempt a back flip.

When you’re in control of how you look and how to pose flatteringly, you’ll feel – and look – a million times better on camera.

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Frances x

All images by Frances Carlisle Photography


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