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Vintage Engagement Rings

antique engagement rings

As a vintage engagement ring wearer myself I’m sure I’m a little biased but with the Duchess of Cambridge “bringing antique back” I know there’s plenty of us who do adore a pre-loved antique ring over one that’s squeaky and new. Offering intricate design details, stunning statements, a history unlike any other…and eco-credentials, the case for buying vintage is one that’s easily made.

Chances are you’ll never see another ring quite like the one adorning your own fair hand and with on average prices ranging from £500 to £3000 (with some scope for haggling depending on where you’re looking) vintage engagement rings can be a budget friendly option too. For me it was about enduring style. I knew my 60 year old self would appreciate a ring that was befitting of any age, era and dress code – statement enough to turn heads but not too “woah there Mrs Rock” to be unable to wear it in my latter years when I’m happily holding fort at the cards table in my comfortable retirement village overlooking a bowling green (yup that’s the fantasy). Even now in the midst of motherhood where life is literally full of s**ts and giggles I can sport my beautiful ring safe in the knowledge it’s elegant, demure and utterly timeless…and practical too.

Convinced you yet? Have a browse of these…

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Are you a vintage ring wearer?

♥ Sarah

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