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10 Foliage Hair Adornments For Natural Wedding Style

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I recently wrote a post about eternal en-vogue for brides…enduring trends that transcend the fads for a timeless look. One such trend is natural wedding style – a simple palette of neutrals and green…green in abundance in fact (also see Sarah from Hiding In The City Flowers post here) to create a scheme that’s effortlessly beautiful; one that won’t date in photographs and that you will always find appealing,elegant and beautiful.

Well with the recent and welcomed resurgence in flowers being worn in brides hair I thought it might be nice to explore some inspiration beyond blooms…using foliage instead. Simple, statement and so budget-friendly, whether you opt for ivy, fern,eucalyptus or whatever green you can get your hands on, foliage hair adornments look incredible. Here’s some of my favourite natural wedding style foliage hair accessories:

pete cox alea lovely & morning light elizabeth millay sandra aberg & marissa kay-olivia richards pete cox 1 naomi kenton & peaches and mint anneli marinovich

Will you be foraging for foliage for your wedding day style?

♥ Sarah

//Credits: Inspiration from the top: Peaches & Mint Photography//Photographer: Pete Cox Photography Florals: Sarah Christopher//Photographer: Alea Lovely Florals: JF Floral Couture//Photographer: Morning Light Photography//Photographer: Elizabeth Millay Florals: Saipua //Photographer: Sandra Aberg Florals: Fioreria Daniela Venice//Photographer: Marissa Kay & Olivia Richards Florals: Huckleberry Karen Designs//Photographer:  Pete Cox Photography Florals: Sarah Christopher//Photographer: Naomi Kenton Florals: Decofloralia//Photographer: Peaches & Mint Photography Florals: Pearl & Godiva//Photographer: Anneli Marinovich Florals: Blue Sky Flowers



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