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Our Top 5 Wedding Sparklers Shots


Tis the season for sparkle – wedding sparklers more specifically! I had a good chat with photographer Emily Johnson the other day and we’re agreed – there’s rarely a couple who don’t want a lit up send off when it gets towards this time of year…and why not? There’s something so utterly magical about twinkly light – it’s a little bit fairytale without being too twee and boy does it make your skin look good!

I’m from the KISS (keep it simply stylish) school of thinking normally – less is more when it comes to planning wedding shots…the long exposure style ones with names and dates spelt out are cool but can perhaps look a little too contrived at times – it’s the more off-the-cuff  couples running through a haze of light hoping to not be set on fire, or having their “movie moment” send-off kiss and generally slightly tipsy “we’re having-a-blast” images that really do it for me.

Of course I like to believe I’m a purist with an eye only for effortless design…but there’s also always a place for the odd heavily styled, gimmick shot too 🙂 Here’s our top 5:

sparkler2 wedding sparklers (C) 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com wedding sparklers wedding sparklers

Such a Disney Rapunzel moment above…I bloody love it!

And you can browse even more amazing sparkler shots via our Pinterest board.

Which is your favourite?

♥ Sarah

//Credits: Feature image: Shane Shepperd Wedding Photography// Britt Chudleigh Photography//Our Labor of Love//Kristy Klaassen Photography//Alixann Loosle Photography


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