Coachella Bride - Juno and Joy

Coachella Bride

Have any of you noticed Jo’s been a little quiet of late? Well that’s because the lucky lady is currently in the hub of cool! I’ll let her fill you in on more…

From Jo: So this week’s post is inspired by my holiday. Yes I am super excited to share that I am currently in LA and heading up to Palm Springs to attend THE festival of all festivals….Coachella 2014! If you have never heard of it I suggest googling it! So imagine the best parts of a UK festival with great music…..move it to the sunshine and the desert…. add one hotel stay and civilisation and hey presto welcome to Coachella!

Coachella Style

If music and festivals are your thing then why not incorporate your passions into your wedding? Do you love that relaxed atmosphere and the boho style? Then go for it as I am sure your guests will have a blast too. If you are into your music but not sure about the whole shebang why not take inspiration for your sound track from this years line up. Check it out here.

That’s all from me folks today!


//Image Credits: Palm Springs//Dessert Bride//Festival Wedding Guests//Jewel Crown//Girls//Palms//Boho Couple//Dancing couple//Kitch pool//Sunset


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