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Bring me sunshine

Yellow makes me happy. It doesn’t matter what the tone is but the brighter the better works for me. It’s a colour that really comes to life in Spring with the daffodils blooming and makes you think of those sunny summers just around the corner! It’s set to be a big trend in the coming months so why not consider it as an accent colour for your up and coming nuptials. Yellow sits perfectly with shades of grey and blue and the tonal options are countless. Will you go for a pastel shade, neon, mellow or just bright? If you are looking for some more inspiration why not check out out pinterest page here and follow our activity.

Yellow wedding inspiration

Don’t feel blue….feel yellow!

Sorry I couldn’t help myself! Until next time folks.


Credits// Umbrella// lemons//DMs//wellies // straws// men in suits// cake// neon bride// happy couple // lips//


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