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Delphinium – British Flowers Week

Kate Avery Delphinium-13 The Floral Alchemist FEATURE

Striking , elegant spires of deep purple Delphinium have got to be one of my favourite flowers to have massed in a vase – they really need nothing else to finish them off. With no fragrance to speak of, they rely on stunning depth or lightness of colour from ivory and palest sky blue through some pinks and even a pale peach to royal purple and are one of the few flowers that comes in a true bright blue. They are wonderful for large scale church or reception arrangements but are really at home left in the garden to grow tall and graceful – just watch out for slugs!

delphinium blue sky flowers studio 2000 delph bouquet Kate Avery Delphinium The Floral Alchemist

British grown Delphinium are available May-July

* This post was written by Liz Inigo-Jones of Blue Sky Flowers to mark and celebrate British Flowers Week.

//Credits: Featured image: Katie Spicer, The Floral Alchemist for Kate Avery Flowers//Blue Sky Flowers//Studio 2000//Katie Spicer, The Floral Alchemist for Kate Avery Flowers


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