Alchemilla & Cornflower - British Flowers Week - Juno and Joy

Alchemilla & Cornflower – British Flowers Week

black cornflower via waitrose

Welcoming back Liz from Blue Sky Flowers as we’re nearing the end of British Flowers Week 2015. Showcasing two lesser known British flowers, Alchemilla (commonly known as Lady’s Mantle) and the lesser used black Cornflower – a beautiful and delicate bloom. Over to Liz…


Yea I know… anyone who knows me know I don’t ‘do’ yellow. But I regard Alchemilla as green and that’s that. This frothy, light wonderful filler of a flower is often overlooked and used only to add a quick pop of colour to a bouquet or table centre. But as shown here, it can look amazing just on its own… imagine a bridesmaid carrying a posy of just Alchemilla against a rich dark navy dress, wow!

alchemilla bouquet by blue sky flowers

British grown Alchemilla is available May-August

Many people have seen the traditional bright blue Cornflower but I would like to introduce you to the darker side … this almost black Cornflower is a stunning flower and an amazing addition to almost any bouquet. Its soft, fluffy bouncing head is like a little bee hovering above the rest of the flowers…

black cornflowers by blue sky flowers
British grown Cornflower is available May-August

Tomorrow Liz will be putting all the featured flowers together to create a beautiful British, seasonal arrangement!

Sarah x

//Featured image by Waitrose


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