Advent of Flowers - Part 4 - Juno and Joy

Advent of Flowers – Part 4

Blueskyflowers advent

Today our beautiful “Advent of Flowers” features draws to a close but not before we showcase another six beautiful blooms perfect for a winter wedding bouquet! This weeks features were created by Liz Inigo Jones of Blue Sky Flowers who’s one of the talented florists supporting the Juno & Joy Flower Guide – created to help  inspire and perhaps even educate brides on what’s available within our shores…

Blueskyflowers 19

19 Ivy
This really is a must for Christmas time , draped over mirrors, around banisters and along table centres. Whether you have the berried or the long straight trailing kind, you can’t go wrong with it.

Blueskyflowers 20

20 Roses
Not just for Valentine’s Day, this most popular of wedding flower is a perfect gift all year round, available in hundreds, yes hundreds of colours. Dark plum red or pure white are great for decorating a Christmas table.

Blueskyflowers 21

21 Chrysanthemum
This pale pink Avignon variety is big, blousey and beautiful. Very long lasting it has helped bring the humble Chrysanthemum come back into fashion.

Blueskyflowers 22

22 Lisianthus (Eustoma)
From pure white, cream, pale through to hot cerise pink, lilac, lavender, green and even brown, the Lisianthus is a soft, pretty flower perfect for almost any bouquet.

Blueskyflowers 23

23 Ranunculas
Almost every bride loves a ‘nunc. They are soft, delicate, temperamental but oh so beautiful.

Blueskyflowers 24

24 Hellebore (Christmas Rose)
There are certain flowers that you wait and wait for and … with the Hellebore, it is so worth it. Delicate drooping heads hide freckly faces that look as if they have been freshly painted.

Blueskyflowers 25

25 Pine
No need to explain this one really – the good old Christmas tree. Nordmann Firs and Norweigian Spruces are the most popular these days and don’t forget to recycle it locally in January.

With thanks to Liz for her help, support and innovation and to all our Collective experts for their support this year.

Happy Christmas!

♥ Sarah

//Credits: Concept & florals by Blue Sky Flowers//Images by Leanne Dixon Photography


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