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Alternative Bridal Attire – Rebel Brides

rebel bride

Not every gal dreams of the traditional gown and cathedral veil and whilst it used to be an unusual sight to see a bride wearing something other than ivory it’s no longer taboo to see women exploring their signature style within their wedding attire – choosing alternatives to what’s otherwise deemed classically “bridal” and pushing boundaries a little. The wedding industry has really sat up and taken notice of this and responded with boundary pushing designs such as bridal separates, jumpsuits and play-suits as well as smaller style statements such as feathered capes and trophy jackets…

And the bride wore…trousers
So you’re the bride-to-be who’s surgically attached to a pair of trews? Don’t ditch them on the big day then – embrace your daily staple and find a beautifully cut pair you’ve only ever dreamed of owning. A tailored pair of ankle-grazers would look great teamed with a pair of statement shoes and a billowy blouse or streamline with a form-fitting blazer too. And the sky’s the limit colour-wise…colourful, patterned, textured or plain you’ll be one seriously stylish rebel bride.

ellie saab 1

The Catsuit…Jumpsuit…All-in-One
Perhaps now seen as the most obvious alternative to a wedding dress, designers have certainly paid attention to the vintage wedding trend, with many creating homages to Bianca Jagger and her iconic wedding day jumpsuit with its flattering halter neck and wide-legged trousers. And for the fashion-forward brides? Well I adore the minimalist structured styles and slinky 80’s inspired numbers with embellished statement shoulders. Bang. On. Trend.

krikor jabotian

Get Shorty
Who’d have ever imagined style queen Olivia Palermo would have donned a pair of shorts on for her wedding? Yet true to form she pulled them off and an almost transparent overskirt reminiscent of the early 90’s trend where many of us wore them over our cycling shorts! Seriously though I think she’s only something here…destination brides take note – if you’ve got the pins why not? A pair of knee-length culottes would look really flattering too.

angela and evan


Keep ‘Em Separate
Oh one of my favourite tends of late…the bridal separates. If only I had been as forward thinking as Ashlee Simpson! You rarely wear dresses, you have a small body, long legs; long body, short legs; a waist, no waist; big boobs…need I go on? Yep this one solves all your “nothing fits my shape” problems. Make like Carrie Bradshaw and show off a little waist with a full circle skirt and fitted top or create a waist and show off gazelle like legs with a peplum top and short shift skirt….the skies the limit with bridal separates!

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Colour Me Pretty
So you want to rock a frock but the thought of wearing white leaves you feeling blue…then wear blue! Or red, pink, green, gold…whatever. Gone are the days when you’d be dubbed a “scarlet woman” (um unless you’re actually wearing scarlet of course!) for steering clear of a trend Queen Victoria started…no-one need adhere to tradition in this day and age. Wear a shade that suits your skin-tone, flatters your eyes and above all makes you feel confident and well, you. Most designers offer colour alternative gowns these days or head to the high street for a more relaxed style.

ee photography


Alternative accessories

So perhaps setting the bar in the style stakes is a little daunting for your wedding day yet you’d still like to channel an element of your signature style within your bridal ensemble without committing to the whole look…well accessories are the answer! Statement cover-ups such as embellished capes and collars are seriously swoon-worthy, whilst practical yet chic brides are opting for cropped jackets in denim, leather and animal print…Bridal caps, hats and turbans are cropping up too and look so beautiful and eye-catching paired with a simple outfit or gown.

Will you be wearing alternative bridal attire?

♥ Sarah

//Credits: Valentino Resort Collection//Ellie Saab Resort Collection//Krikor Jabotian//Angela & Evan//Danielle Evans Photography//EE Photography  *NB This has been adapted from an article I wrote for Wed Magazine entitled Rebel Rebel Brides*


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