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Bridal Boudoir On The Beach


Never one to shy away from an innovative and boundary pushing bridal concept we were thrilled to receive this submission from one of our favourite US photographers (favoured due to all the aforementioned qualities in her work!) Alexandra Wallace. Proving you needn’t be bedroom bound to feature in a beautiful and tasteful bridal boudoir – in fact this alternative shoot’s is perhaps more befitting of wedding boudoir photography given how much more confident us ladies tend to feel whilst sporting smalls within a beach setting! Absolutely breath-taking we hope you enjoy this gorgeous inspiration…

Healey_na_Alexandra_Wallace_IMG5099_low Healey_na_Alexandra_Wallace_IMG5135_low Healey_na_Alexandra_Wallace_IMG5131_low Healey_na_Alexandra_Wallace_IMG5125_low Healey_na_Alexandra_Wallace_IMG5142_low Healey_na_Alexandra_Wallace_IMG5149_low Healey_na_Alexandra_Wallace_IMG5160_low Healey_na_Alexandra_Wallace_IMG5056_low Healey_na_Alexandra_Wallace_IMG5107_low

Would you be a beach boudoir bride?

Sarah x

//Credits: Photographer:  Alexandra Wallace//Make-up Artist:Alex Evans Make-up Artist//Hair Stylist:Sarah Healey//Other Location:Shell Beach//Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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