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8 Short Wedding Dresses You’ll Adore

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We’re keeping up the summer wedding theme on here this week with some inspiration for any of you brides wanting a short wedding gown for your day. Perhaps you’re vertically challenged (a la moi) and feel a full length gown might swamp you…or you may have planned a relaxed celebration, city wedding, beach ceremony…whatever your reason we salute you for a short wedding dresses are sassy, statement and pretty practical too! Here are our fav’s currently available either online or in current designer collections…

BHLDN 1 Charlie Brear Artlette Minna 1 Alexandra King Freya halfpenny london lola Minna 2 Temperley mulberry dress BHLDN 2

So, who’s opting for a shorter hemline?

Sarah x

Feature image: Elizabeth Messina//Gowns for the top: Gillian Tulle by BHLDN//Arlette by Charlie Brear Bridal//Lucie by Minna Hepburn//Freya by Alexandra King//Lola by Halfpenny London//Laetitia by Minna Hepburn//Mulberry by Temperley London// Shined Cocktail by BHLDN


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