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    Welcome to Juno & Joy!

    Hello and thanks for dropping by our new home. For those not familiar with our story, Juno & Joy is a wedding blog – UK based, though we hope to make friends further afield too…

    Here is where we will be sharing an abundance of wedding loveliness; whether you are a planning bride and groom, a family member or friend of someone getting married, a talented wedding supplier wishing to connect with us and our community, or someone who simply admires and appreciates beautiful design and evocative events – they’ll be plenty of pretty coming your way!

    Lean on us for support. Ask us questions, comment, connect with each other and share – our aim is to not only provide you with ideas but with the tools that can help them come into fruition by creating categories to compliment your wedding planning process.

    So just who is a Juno & Joy Bride and how do we hope to appeal? Well the way we see it a Juno & Joy bride is creative, eclectic and stylish. She’s spirited and unique, never afraid to make a statement or reach for the inspirational with her bold choices. She is strong, doesn’t compromise her vision nor shy away from her own rebellious, quirky style.

    It’s our mission to inspire you – but in an attainable way – to nurture and help you plan your dream day, with the hope that your wedding journey can begin and end with Juno & Joy…

    Want to know more about Juno and Joy? Come have a browse of our about page and watch this space…

    We hope you enjoy!

    ♥ Sarah

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    Real Wedding Features

    This section of Juno & Joy needs little introduction – we all know that beautiful real wedding features are what makes the wedding blog world go round and our wedding blog is no exception; we simply adore publishing the weddings of you, our readers and supporters in hope if inspiring and bringing joy to others.

    As we mention on our “Welcome” post we’re all about the stylish and the spirited – empowering you make choices that are reflective of your everyday style. A heightened, luxe version of your day-to-day…to be “your own wedding icon”…

    And here’s where we celebrate the brides that do so!

    So if you’re a couple you’ve just got wed and want to show us how you celebrated your day in your own personal way – or are a photographer who’s captured something stylish and truly tantalising, we would love to hear from you.

    For more information on how to get a wedding featured, have a browse of our Submissions page, which details the nitty and the gritty for you.


    ♥ Sarah

    //Image credit: Noa Magger Photography

  • Juno & Joy Flower Guide

    The Juno & Joy Flower Guide

    I make no secret of the fact that I am crazy for flowers…an obsession that started young in the markets of Hong Kong (where I grew up) and was further fuelled on Summer holidays helping tend to my Grandparents country garden in Devon – yet despite my love of blooms and all things botanical I was at a total loss of what wedding flowers to have for my own celebration…

    My flower knowledge was, I’d say a little above average yet all the inspiration I was seeing came from further afield – so I still had very little idea of what might be in season {cheaper} and locally sourced {a personal priority} – it was only through finding a talented and passionate florist that I was able to see the wood-through-the-trees and adapt my plans to ensure our wedding flowers met my desires, to be seasonal and locally grown.

    Even if your flower lust list includes differing factors to those I mention above, there’s just so much to choose from, so many styles of bouquet, colour palettes and creative ideas that can have an enormous impact of the tone of your day – finding the right florist and choosing the right blooms can leave many brides confused.

    This is why we decided to include a flower guide in Juno & Joy. To help differentiate your daisies from your dahlia’s, to assist you in discovering which blooms are in season throughout the year, inspire you with emerging trends and to introduce you to the work of some of the UK’s finest floral designers…including our very own Joanne Truby, who’s joined the J&J Collective to bring you her take on wedding flowers.

    //Image credit:Rebecca Douglas Photography//Bouquet:Joanne Truby Floral Design