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Three Sister Bohemian Bride Shoot


I love the story behind today’s beautiful bohemian bride styled shoot…two recently married sisters and a third whose wedding was about to take place! Captured by Spark + Tumble Photography…they decided to collaborate on a styled wedding shoot featuring them all as brides, capturing a truly special time in their lives as individuals and a sibling unit.

From photographer Lisa: We got “outdoorsy” with these three sisters—a vernal celebration of two recent weddings and one to come this season. With a blend of lush garden party and tranquil interior shots, we featured Miss Tashina’s refashioning of vintage dresses, stylist Inessa’s big ideas for florid head pieces, and a few unbelievably yummy treats served on a carefully curated collection of metallics gleaned from the every evolving treasure trove that is Leslie’s Antiques.

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Love the simple colour scheme with blousy blooms and those up-cycled vintage wedding gowns – wow! Such a beautiful bond between three beautiful sisters.

♥ Sarah

//Credits: Photographer: Spark + Tumble //Stylist: Inessa Nichols// Make-up: Nora Frislie, Puresemblance  //Dresses: Tashina Hunter //Calligraphy: Tara Odenthal //Hair stylist: Brooke Davis//Props: Leslie’s Antiques//Models- Nancy Moral, Jenny Mith and Muyleng Mith//Submitted via Two Bright Lights



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