A Beautiful Bohemian Beach Engagement Shoot...In Britain! - Juno and Joy

A Beautiful Bohemian Beach Engagement Shoot…In Britain!


Today’s amazing offering comes courtesy of Jacob & Pauline Wedding Photographer Duo and is really special. It’s not only a stunning engagement shoot captured on a breath-taking beach…but a British beach at that! Now I only jest because I honestly thought when casting my eyes towards this submission for the first time it had to be a Californian shoot, or Hawaii…or anywhere “tropical” in climate. But no – it’s Bournemouth and I’m a bit blinking proud of that!!!

The perfect love-letter to our great British shores, this engagement shoot is impeccably styled and features the most gorgeous couple, Kate & Juli…have a peek, you’ll love it…

Jacob_and_Pauline1 Jacob_and_Pauline2 Jacob_and_Pauline3 Jacob_and_Pauline4 Jacob_and_Pauline5 Jacob_and_Pauline6 Jacob_and_Pauline7 Jacob_and_Pauline8 Jacob_and_Pauline9 Jacob_and_Pauline10 Jacob_and_Pauline100

From Kate’s flower crown and floaty gown right down to Juli’s cute suspenders, today’s feature has really warmed my cockles!

♥ Sarah

//Credits: Photographer:  Jacob and Pauline//Other Location:Bournemouth//Submitted via Two Bright Lights



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