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An Ethereal Bride Shoot With Gwendolynne Gowns & Ballet


In relentless pursuit for timeless bridal beauty (amen to that!) the designer behind today’s featured Gwendolynne gowns might be regarded as a fashion purist, opting to not follow faddy trends but rather create elegant designs set to endure. With that in mind, the wonderful talent behind Photography With Cassie came up with an innovative shoot concept to showcase these glorious gowns at their best…with femininity and fluidity at the heart of it all.

Featuring an incredible dancer Catherine Rosman against a bare backdrop and with no need for fussy design details you can really see the flattering beauty and intricacy of these romantic wedding dresses…

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Breath-taking ! What a beautiful shoot and such a creative way to showcase ethereal bridal style…fills my heart.

Sarah x

Photographer:  Photography with Cassie//Model: Catherine Rosman//Studio Venue: Geelong Studio Hire//Dress Designer: Gwendolynne//Makeup Artist: Kate McCleary//Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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