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A Stylish Hilltop Wedding In Greece

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I’ve the perfect wedding to brighten up the start of the week! Daniel and George married in the most picturesque of surroundings…a simple yet heartfelt ceremony showcasing the couples impeccable taste. With their Greek and Dutch heritages guests flew from all over the world to witness their wedding which took its style inspiration from their modern yet rustic luxurious surroundings.

From photographer Antonios of Adonis Kekidakis Photography: An important occasion full of touching moments, love, and affection in an alternative destination that could definitely be considered as one of the hidden gems of Greece. An outstanding mansion that would satisfy the most demanding guests. A perfect couple that put their soul into creating one of the most memorable occasions ever. Daniel & George’s wedding simply had it all!

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So much raw emotion. The perfect destination wedding – what a venue – and I adore how much of their scheme was inspired by the breath-taking surroundings!

♥ Sarah

Photographer:  Adonis Kekidakis Photography//Design and Decor: IV Decoration and Events Planning//Reception Venue: Kinsterna Hotel & Spa//Event Planner:The Wedding Experts in Greece//Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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