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Real Wedding Features

Noa Magger Photography_Real wedding

This section of Juno & Joy needs little introduction – we all know that beautiful real wedding features are what makes the wedding blog world go round and our wedding blog is no exception; we simply adore publishing the weddings of you, our readers and supporters in hope if inspiring and bringing joy to others.

As we mention on our “Welcome” post we’re all about the stylish and the spirited – empowering you make choices that are reflective of your everyday style. A heightened, luxe version of your day-to-day…to be “your own wedding icon”…

And here’s where we celebrate the brides that do so!

So if you’re a couple you’ve just got wed and want to show us how you celebrated your day in your own personal way – or are a photographer who’s captured something stylish and truly tantalising, we would love to hear from you.

For more information on how to get a wedding featured, have a browse of our Submissions page, which details the nitty and the gritty for you.


♥ Sarah

//Image credit: Noa Magger Photography


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