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A New York City Elopement

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I am SO in love with today’s offering. A beautiful New York City elopement  that’s brimming with romance, humour and the most gorgeous couple…as well as some seriously fierce design details…oh my! Elopement was my first choice of wedding celebration (how different would my blogging bride journey have been?!) and I salute any couple who has the balls to say to their loved ones “this is how we’re doing it” or “this is what we’ve done” .full. stop. Hat’s off to Angie & Josh, they clearly enjoyed an epic elopement…

From Photographers Seth & Beth: After dating for a little under two years, Angie and Josh decided to tie the knot in a very unique way – Elope to New York City and get married right in the middle of Grand Central Station! Accompanied by a small group of their best friends, the couple explored the city, from subways to Central Park, as they made their way down to Grand Central Station to meet their officiant and get hitched. The day culminated in a pop-up, huddle-style ceremony where the ‘I-do’s’ were said with gleaming smiles in front of hundreds of cheering strangers! Obviously, as photographers, we had a blast!

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They took the subway…ate hot-dogs…had a full days adventure ahead of their vows. I ♥ Angie & Josh. Now that’s how to own your wedding day.

The photography is sublime…what a love story.

♥ Sarah

Photographer:  Seth and Beth – Wedding Photography//Dress Store: Big Rock Little Rooster//Restaurant:The Breslin//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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  1. Frances January 23, 2015 Reply

    Fab, fab fab! LOVE the images, and adore the way they’ve done what they want, where they want and how they want it! Gorgeous! xxx

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