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The Beauty Of Bridal Boudoir

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The bridal boudoir shoot has transcended beyond the boundaries of a flash trend and looks set to stay as an intrinsic part of a brides wedding day preparations. Good job I say – for it captures a time in a woman’s life that should be relished and celebrated and no more so than by the bride herself. Here’s a few reasons why I’m firmly in “Camp Boudoir” and why you might consider joining me too…

Test run

Come on, admit it – you’ve run a million scenarios of how your wedding day might play out in your head already from the moment your beloved catches your gaze down the aisle to the hilarity of the speeches, first dance…and beyond. Well here’s your chance to live out one of those fantasies ahead of the day itself. Don on your wedding day underwear, the full garb and get used to how it feels against your skin. From the garter, bra and smalls to the wedding night baby-doll (or cami or whatever!) it’s a great way to ease nerves, work out whether you’ll feel comfortable in it and add to the excitement and build-up of your wedding day plans.


Love the lens

What better way to get acquainted with the camera – and perhaps even your actual wedding photographer if she/he offers this service too, than to spend some time in front of the lens in a very real, very bare (and I don’t just mean this literally) state. It can be quite the confidence builder. Yes you may start off feeling a little vulnerable – few wouldn’t – but very soon you’ll learn to relax and even enjoy the process…you might even come away with some iconic personal poses nailed.

cat hepple photography
Your body. Beautiful.

This is about exploring your body on your terms. Consider how you might want to be portrayed and captured and channel that. It’s not about projecting “sex kitten” (unless that’s precisely your bag!) but the kind of woman you are right to the core – the version only you truly know. Hopefully that’s the same version of yourself you intend on channelling on your wedding day – ethereal and bohemian? Elegant and feminine? Sassy? Go. For. It. Exude this in every single frame.

claire pettibone

The ultimate gift…for you.

Type the term “bridal boudoir” into a search engine and it’ll come up with a plethora of websites stating that this is the ultimate gift for a woman to give her betrothed. True, your spouse-to-be will undoubtedly be incredibly happy to receive such a souvenir of you at your wedded best – they might even spot a side of you yet to be explored within the intimacy of your relationship; a wonderful token to bestow indeed…But I am certain that the true recipient of an experience like this is the person who’s actually taken the plunge to push their own boundaries and try something a little different. You’ll peek at your photos from time-to-time and feel incredibly proud of the woman in those images – a lasting legacy of a very special time in your life.

So, who’s up for it?

Sarah x

//Credits: Feature image: Spence Photography//Post: Laura Murray Photography//Cat Hepple Photography//Claire Pettibone


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