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It’s Glamour (but not with Shola Ama)

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Boy are you in for a treat today! We’re hitting the mid-week lull head-on with some directional, design led floral inspiration from our newest Flower Guide contributor Sarah Loughrey-Jennings of Hiding In The City Flowers, who’s distinctive work never fails to turn heads. Sarah will be appearing regularly to muse over all that’s en trend in the flower world…and if her portfolio is anything to go by – she’ll be setting some too!

Over to Sarah:

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love spring and summer and all the brash and bold colours that come with it, but to be frank, I’m ready for the change in season. This summer was haaat, and we all had a lovely time at outdoor weddings, sitting on hay bails, drinking in the sunshine and designing floral headgear for brides to float about in, bare foot of course. But, its time, its time to ditch the block coloured prints, put on a faux fur coat, switch a season and move to embrace and focus on ‘elegance’ and ‘glamour’ for a wee while, well at least until its neon hotpants weather again. Yes, old school glamour is back with a focus on floral detailing using deep dark colours with pops of femininity. Elegance and romance with a dramatic edge are key. Examples include floral lace work (showcased in this beautiful La Perla brassier here) and the revival of intricately retro styled jewellery like these geometric earrings.

This level of intricacy in accessories is also being mimicked in the types of bouquets we are designing and flowers we are using at HITC Flowers HQ too. Our brides want more from the flowers that they are carrying down the aisle. Gone are the mass of singularly coloured domed roses that used to epitomise ‘glamour’, and insert bouquets styled to consider differing textures, that are rich and moody with this seasons deep Gothic tones.

I don’t want to drown you, but focussing in on one of the major trends in floristry and coupling it with this return to ‘glamour’ is foliage. We love foliage! The industry is seeing a rise in the use of trailing Asparagus Fern again. Don’t know it? Cast you mind back to your grans house, this was probably the last time you saw it. But, Granny had taste! It is no surprise it’s on the rise again, Asparagus fern is truly beautiful and made up of immaculate, tiny spider web like patterns that have the ability to bring a softness and movement to any arrangement. The leaves actually remind me of lace work and I associate it with bouquets from the 1920’s which is why I seem to be drawn to it for creating instant allure for my brides. Granted, this isn’t the cheapest foliage about, but a few stems can change the look of a wedding bouquet or arrangement in a heartbeat. If this is the look for your big day, be careful when requesting from your florist as it should be popped throughout the bouquet or else you can end up with one that simply just has a hot mess of mass frizz around the edges. Not so elegant. A bit like hair after a Saturday night out…

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Feature image: Emily Steffen//Post images: Dotty Dictionary Etsy//Image: Catherine Gratwicke, Bouquet: By Appointment Only Design//Image: Emily Steffen Bouquet: Johnny & Dottie//Image & bouquet: Hiding In The City Flowers


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