British Flowers Week - Herbs. Inspiration by Liz Inigo-Jones - Juno and Joy

British Flowers Week – Herbs. Inspiration by Liz Inigo-Jones

Photographer Christine Meintjes

Hello lovelies! we’re carrying on with our British Flowers Week theme today with another pretty post from Liz Inigo-Jones of Blue Sky Flowers. Today Liz is talking herbs…an intrinsic ingredient for most wedding bouquets and arrangements…

A very important and often taken for granted ingredient of a flower display is the foliage, the base or the frame that holds the flowers in place. Foliage for a large display will be very different than for a small one and different again for a bouquet – and it is for these latter two areas that the shorter stems of herbs can play a key role. At this time of the year British varieties are in great abundance and not expensive.

Photographer Christine Meintjes2

Rosemary, Sage, Lavender, Mint – flowering or not – Borage and even Marjoram can transform a table centre, posy or hand tied bouquet. Without fighting for attention with the flowers they are partnering, a few stems of Rosemary or Mint can give a fragrant finishing touch without detracting or taking the place of any flowers at all…

-Photographer Christine Meintjes2

They are also an interesting way to convey some meaning – Rosemary for remembrance, Sage for wisdom and long life, Borage for bravery, Mint as you might expect is for refreshment and Lavender is for devotion or distrust … so choose with care!

Thanks again Liz. I love seeing herbs used in wedding bouquets…in fact the herb only bouquets look lovely too! And can you imagine the scents..? Divine!

♥ Sarah

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Featured image Blue Sky Flowers. All other images featured are by Christine Meintjes Photography


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