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Bold Brow Brides

statment brows cara feature

I hold my hand up to proclaim I am addicted to getting my brows “done”. A fair haired, pale skinned gal my natural eyebrows blend into my face…so I’m transformed by a bit of brow maintenance. For me the stronger and darker the better…I dye my hair lighter yet opt for as dark an eyebrow as possible – this balances out my facial features and always makes me feel a little “done” even without make up.

I am undoubtedly a massive fan of the incredible Cara Delevinge – the woman I hold responsible for bringing statement eyebrows back…and it’s great to see other high profile beauts such as Lily Collins and the Olsen twins sporting bold browns too…

From a bridal point of view I’d advocate taking the leap if you haven’t already…statement eyebrows are the ultimate face-framers. If I’ve yet to convince you, take a look at the evidence below…

statement brows statement brows lily statment brows bobbi brown statement brows for blondes statment brows cara statement brows brunette

Will you be a bold brow bride?

Sarah x

//Image sources: Au Naturalle//Lily Collins//Blonde//Lipstick Blonde//Retro Blonde//Cara//Brunette


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