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One For The Men – A Grooms Shoot With Fashion & Flowers


Easily one of the hardest features I’ve ever had to edit. Partly because it made me feel a little flush(!) but also due to the incredible standard of work it’s featuring. Innovative, directional, inspiring and absolutely beautiful it’s precisely the kind of boundary-pushing wedding inspiration and out-of-the-box thinking we are so up for championing on Juno & Joy. Filled with statement design this grooms shoot is all about challenging concepts, celebrating the dapper and turning heads…

From photographer Lisa Beth Anderson of Spark + Tumble: My love for classic men’s fashion and flowers inspired this collaborative shoot. We wanted to shine a light on the buttonhole and the lack there of in our modern age of casual men’s dress. Most men will wear a flower on the lapel of their jacket only a handful of times in their lifetime. This is a shame. I believe that nothing adds charisma to a man’s appearance like the confidence embodied in wearing a stylish boutonnière which are a symbol of beauty in nature, of fragile life, of love undefined yet captured in a single bloom.


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We want men to know that you do not need a special occasion to wear a simple single bloom in your buttonhole. I created a suite of buttonholes flowers ranging from the classics, cornflower, gardenia and carnation – to the more creative options with the use of modern and artistic favourites as frittilaria meleagris, and gypsophila and ending with the more exotic varieties like the vanda orchid , maiden hair fern and a bouquet of mixed of greenery To complete the full look I included another option to wearing a neck tie with a look at the waterfall (Mail Coach Tie) cravat and of course I included some snazzy hats. My final thoughts to men are that you can still look sharp and casual whilst wearing a boutonnière.

__Spark__Tumble_Photography_GX8A9323_low __Spark__Tumble_Photography_GX8A9368_low __Spark__Tumble_Photography_GX8A9409_low __Spark__Tumble_Photography_GX8A9415_low __Spark__Tumble_Photography_GX8A9447_low __Spark__Tumble_Photography_GX8A9456_low __Spark__Tumble_Photography_GX8A9467_low

We photographed at Long Beach’s historic Villa Riviera—a registered historic building on Ocean Boulevard in the Alamitos Beach neighbourhood of Long Beach, California, USA. From the time of its completion in 1929 through the mid-1950s, it was the second-tallest building, and the tallest private building, in Southern California. The 16-story French Gothic building has been called the city’s “most elegant landmark” and a building that “has helped define the city.”

Quite wonderful…and oh my isn’t an oversized bouquet just perfect for a man to carry?! A grooms shoot is a concept I’d really love to see more of!

Sarah x

//Credits: Styling and florals: Inessa Nichols // Photography: Lisa Beth Anderson //Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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